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Microwave Repair Service

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Are you looking for a microwave repair service near you? You can count on AC repair Way for reliable microwave repair in Chandigarh.

Our microwave repair experts are always ready to help and advise you. You can count on us to provide microwave repair in Chandigarh.

Regardless of the model or brand of your device, we have a technician near you who can fix it. You can easily order services at AC repair Way. Please visit our official website or contact us to schedule a local microwave repair.


ACRepairWay Microwave Repair Service offers:


Minimum Service Fee:

Once you schedule an appointment on the AC Repair Way website, an expert will come to inspect the microwave in your kitchen.

After inspection, he offers local microwave repair options and makes quotes for everyone.


Guaranteed Service:

With professional microwave repair service, AC Repair Ways even offer warranty service.

This warranty is valid for 30 days. The customer has 30 days to request another service if they are not satisfied with the repair.


Expert Professional microwave oven repair expert:

AC Repair Way verifies the licenses and certifications of all microwave repair in Chandigarh professionals before listing them.

At AC Repair Way, we understand that building trust takes time. As a result, we provide the best experts and professionals.


Common Microwave oven Repair Problems


1. Heating issues:

If the oven does not heat up during this tilting time, you will need to check the temperature sensor.

We have to replace it if it doesn’t work. Once everything is in the proper position, recalibrate the system and temporarily raise it to 350 degrees. Or there may be a problem with the magnetron.

The high-voltage circuit generates microwaves to generate heat. The device may blow the fuse due to the burnt magnetron.


2. Touchpad Issues:

Touchpad failure is one of the most common microwave oven failures.

The touchpad may become less sensitive over time so that certain numbers or buttons fail intermittently.

While cleaning a touchpad, it may also be damaged. Touchpad surfaces should not be cleaned with glass cleaners or harsh chemicals, which could cause a short.

Touchpad replacement is not expensive. Microwave repair service professionals should be able to perform this job within an hour.


3. Non-Rotating Microwave Tray:

Common microwave ovens have a rotating tray that provides even heating of the dishes during use.

Failure to rotate the tray may result in undercooked food and requires repair. A bowl that doesn’t rotate is often the result of a failed drive motor.

You may need to replace the drive motor to rotate your tablet. A new connector may be required.

If you have trouble replacing these parts, contact a local microwave repair professional. Damaged or cracked roll guides can also cause tray problems.

Glass microwave trays are usually placed on top of roller guides that keep the tray in its path as it rotates.

Repeated use will damage the driver over time and hinder tray movement. To fix it, change the guide.


4. Microwaves Make Excessive Noise:

Microwaves naturally make noise, but excessive noise can indicate a more serious problem.

There are many reasons why a microwave oven can make noise, such as a faulty drive motor, roller guide, magnetron, cooling fan or high voltage diode.

The most likely way to diagnose this problem is to disassemble your device.

The best solution to this problem is the help of a microwave repair service expert.


Trust our experts for a Reliable Microwave repair service! 

You don’t have to go all day without an oven or risk a fire by fixing it yourself. Trust the local microwave repair service from AC repair Way experts.

Call us today to take the advantage of our trustworthy microwave repair in Chandigarh.


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