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Microwave Repair Service

February 22, 2022 contact No Comments

Are you looking for a microwave repair service near you? You can count on AC repair Way for reliable microwave repair in Chandigarh. Our microwave repair experts are always ready to help and advise you. You can count on us to provide microwave repair in Chandigarh. Regardless of the model or brand of your device, […]

Fridge Repair Service

February 22, 2022 contact No Comments

Does your refrigerator, freezer experience noise, frequent water leaks, inadequate cooling, excessive cooling, or switching on and off too often? If the answer is YES. Then, your refrigerator needs the service ASAP and expertise of a professional technician. We are one of the most sought-after fridge repair providers in Chandigarh and Tricity area. Our excellent team […]

Washing Machine Repair and Service

February 22, 2022 contact No Comments

The washing machine is one of the most demanding household appliances today. Nowadays every house has a washing machine to wash its clothes. It makes your life easier and saves a lot of time. In turn, these machines just need timely maintenance and repairs to run properly. If your washing machine isn’t working as it […]

Copper Pipeing

August 4, 2021 contact No Comments

Copper piping is a tube-like material made from copper, a red-brown metal with the chemical symbol Cu and atomic number 29. It is used to convey water, gas, oil or other fluid from one location to another. GALLERY Get in Touch

AMC Services

August 4, 2021 contact No Comments

The AC AMC gives you complete peace of mind from appliance breakdowns and helps you extend the life of your air conditioner. Regular maintenance minimizes the chances of your air conditioner breaking down and reduces repair expenses drastically.   GALLERY Get in Touch

Duck Table Services

August 4, 2021 contact No Comments

A ducted air conditioning system is one which functions by pumping cool air through a centrally located cooling unit. The unit comes equipped with ducts that through a series of ducts transfer the cool air to the living space. GALLERY Get in Touch

Cassette AC Services

August 4, 2021 contact No Comments

Cassette air conditioners are ceiling air conditioners and are one of the main types of inverter split systems. How do cassette air conditioners work? Cassette air conditioners work like other wall-mounted split system units. The difference is that the cassette systems are mounted on the ceiling, not on the wall. GALLERY Get in Touch

AC Installation Service in Chandigarh, Tricity

August 4, 2021 contact No Comments

Proper AC installation is very important. If not properly connected, your air conditioner will provide inadequate cooling and may not work as effectively, and can also cause safety and health hazards. At AC Repair Way, we screen and certify every employee to ensure they are qualified, honest, and reliable. Therefore, our customers can rest assured […]

Industrial Service

August 4, 2021 contact No Comments

An industrial air conditioning system will usually be a centralised cooling system that has a sophisticated ducting system that enables the cold air to be distributed. It is similar to the ducted system that is able to be used in residential cooling, but on a much bigger and more sophisticated level. GALLERY Get in Touch

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